Sunday, November 23, 2008

So I herd u liek mudkips?? - a collection

So I her u liek mudkips??...

Hell no.

We LUV mudkips.

Here's the regular one (National Geographic edition):



...chocolate rain!!!!!!1111!!!!!!one!...


...Super Mario...

...feel the Force...



...pirate mudkips...

Oh dang.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bring on the Trumpets!

Oh, and read the last one too.

(copyright the video's owner - Kraken812)

R.I.P. Miley Cyrus

Goodbye Destiny*,

You will forever be alive in our hearts.
Because your songs are always on the bloody radio.

Your soul and your countless crisis and photos and other stuff for publicity like that will always be with us.
Unleast until Disney gets a new 15-year-old chick.

Offline we come, offline we end.

Good bye.

(seriously though, Miley Cyrus isn't dead. It's just there's all these videos saying good bye to Miley Cyrus because her Youtube account's been hacked and some idiot said she died. I just wanted to give my contribution before this ends up as an article section on Wikipedia).

On actual news, happy non-smoker day!
If your lungs are clean from harm, have a great day - jump, dance, sing a little bit!
If your lungs spit nicotine everytime you touch them... good for you.

Here you go, dear chain smokers (you didn't think I wouldn't post this, would you?)

* lol, Destiny (her name is actually Destiny Miley Cyrus - eh eh.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ahem - Atheists rule

Seriously though, no jokes this time... this is for all of you who have discriminated someone because he/she doesn't believe in god(s).