Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update for faery species

Brownies/ Boggarts (Larelarvidae)
-- Iberian Zanganito (Lares duende)
-- Chilean Boggart (Lares gallucephas)
Centaurs (Centauridae)
-- Mongolian Centaur (Centaurus przewalskii)
-- Zebra Plains Centaur (Centaurus hippotigris)
Cockatrices (Serpentiregidae)
Dragons (Draconidae)
-- Colubers (Draco communis)
-- Wyrms (Draco serpens)
----- Peludas (Draco serpens capillus)
----- Longs (Draco serpens orientalis)
----- Knuckers (Draco serpens fluviaris)
-- Wyverns (Draco aladis)
-- Lindworms (Draco bipedus)
-- Plumed serpents (Draco quetzalcoatl)
Dwarves (Brevihominidae)
Elves (Naturnoblidae)
Fauns (Capriforidae)
Ghouls (Necrophagidae)
Giants (Gigantidae)
-- Fire Giants (Gigantus flammafflatus)
-- Frost Giants (Gigantus glaciafflatus)
Goblins (Idiotidae) (Genus: Diabolicus)
-- Portuguese Trasgo (Diabolicus lusitanis)
-- Catalan Great Trasgo (Diabolicus pyrenaica)
Griffins (Magnavidae)
Harpies (Fameavidae)
Hobs (Idiotidae) (Genus: Diabretis)
Kappas (Diabofluvidae)
Kelpies (Equidae)
-- Scottish River Kelpie (Equus fluvialis)
-- Atlantic Each Uisge (Equus hippocampus atlantis)
-- Mediterranean Sea Horse (Equus hippocampus mediterraneus)
Knockers (Cavernahabentidae)
Kraken (Architeuthidae)
Leprechauns (Minucorpidae)
Manticores (Dinofelidae)
Merfolk (Sirenidae)
Nagas (Nagidae)
Nixies (Naiadidae)
Ogres (Diabolidae)
-- Mediterranean Cyclops (Diabolicus monoopticus)
-- Japanese 3-eyed Oni (Diabolicus ruber)
Phoenix (Vetustidae)
Sea serpents
Tree sprites
-- Water trolls
-- Mole trolls
Unicorns (Monoceridae)
Wisps (Falsilucidae)
Witches (mostly Hominidae)

(Lares - Roman house deities) (Larvae - Roman poltergeists) (gallucephas - "rooster-head") (hippotigris - "tiger horse", zebra) (Serpentiregidae - Serpent King) (Naturnoblidae - The Nobles of Nature) (Capriforidae - capra "goat" + foris "outside, the woods") (flammafflatus - flame-breath) (glaciafflatus - ice-breath)(Idiotidae - from idios, "private, peculiar, odd, strange") (Magnavidae - magnus avis, "great bird") (Fameavidae - fames avis, "hunger bird") (Diabofluvidae - "river devil")(Cavernahabentidae - "cavern inhabitants") (Minucorpidae - "small body", such as the root of "leprechaun")(Dinofelidae - "terrible feline")

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best commercial ever

If I ever see Carlton Draught for sale, I'll buy them all just for the trouble these people had!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Duck Corner - Hilary Duff

Not one of our smartest ones, but still... good contribution to the Duck Corner.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Duck Corner - Diana Chaves

The Portuguese actress Diana Chaves, famous for her kiss with another actress, in the last picture here with Sónia Araújo.

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