Friday, July 24, 2009

Gay Marriage

First, watch the video.

Ok, so, you know about that thing about the Internet being a place for everyone to give their opinions and stuff? Yeah, I totally support it, etc etc. But then I can also give my opinion on how unbelievably stupid that kid is.

I trust that by now you have actually already seen the video and

a) realized that he is a retard
b) not realized that (in which case you're a retard )

So, he is a damn stupid person, that's for sure, but yeah he is a 12 year old... well, to hell with that, I'm a 12 year old for God's sake (and I use these words merely as a figure of speech)!

He used to be gay but then he "realized that that was a very bad thing and so he stopped, and now he is very interested in girls".
So... he used to like men, but then he realized that he would go to hell for it and he decided "Hey, let's stop this then! " and so, everything completely changed and he now likes girls. Suuuuuuure.

Plus, he thinks that any gay will change his way to be because he says, and I quote:

"You may think that, huh... being gay is good and it's not bad, but no, it's actually bad, so I'm telling you, it's bad, and, huh... you got to hell, and... huh..."

Yeaaaah. I'm not gay. But I'm not homophobic either and I recognize a bloody stupid person.

Now, this is a very polite blog (yeah like hell ), so excuse me for the rude word.


I'm off.

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