Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well Hello

Well, FINALLY, the bastard that runs this blog (otherwise called "my brother") invited me to write and post stuff here.

I know very few people (or no people at all) read this blog, but I think I can change that, a little self-promoting never hurt anyone. Well, never hurt
me, anyways. But I know that if there is anyone reading the blog, you'll like Fosterpython (or Dohvid) better, because he's the one allowed (by himself, since he's the admin) to post the Duck Corners. I'm not old enough, apparently.

Well, so long, people that will soon be reading this, after some good promotion to the blog and who-knows-what.

Have a good one.


1 comment:

Dohvid said...

Yo wtf is this? Who told you could post a post of introduction? Who told you you could post anything at all? I just told you you were a member. Whaddahell is this?