Thursday, June 19, 2008

Albatross! Lesbian albatross!


Yes, apparently albatrosses can be lesbians. Bastards. The one good thing that belonged to our species. Humans have lack of intelligence and spirituality, disrespect for Nature, war and murder, but unleast we had lesbians! We were the only ones to have lesbians. Now not even that! (No, I never heard of Art, science, poetry, love or music).

One can obviously know that homosexuality between women is a shared liking between heterosexual men (and homosexual women). Just search how many videos on youtube have the title "Hot young sexy girls making out on couch/on bed/on crack". Now, even sea birds can do it!

Apparently, 1/3 of the albatross couples that take care of eggs are lesbian couples. Now the question is:

Can we still consume them?

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