Monday, June 16, 2008

Cell phones + China needs an Umbrella

So (everytime I post stuff about what's happening in the world, I'll start such posts with "so". Every one of them. I'm warning now so you don't have any bad feelings about it), some cancer researchers from France have the theory that the excessive presence of cell phones can be dangerous to children younger than 12 years old, and may cause cancer - with which I totally agree with. Why do they need cell phones anyway? The only thing for which they would use them anyway was playing games and making prank calls to 911. It's the same thing as 9-year-old or younger girls wearing tops and bikinis in the summer. What for? It's not like they have something to cover yet (in the case of the bikinis) or to show (in the case of the tops).

But what intrigued me is that these scientists suggest that the cell phone must be unleast a meter away from the child.
... So I guess they'll start making children's trousers with pockets that stick one meter out of the legs.

They say that sending a written message is better than doing a talked phone call. This is quite obvious why; in the talked phone calls, the phone is closer to the face and such.
The problem is: A written message takes years to write, specially for a young kid. Plus, most children under 12 cannot even write (for some, it's a wonder they can barely talk).


On lighter news, it seems that there was a flood in China. 57 people died (1300 millions left). On this side of the globe (PORTUGAL! PORTUGAL! PORTUGAL!), we all know that such flood was a punishment from our sweet Lord to those Buddhists and Taoists. Or it could have been China's climatic conditions.
It was probably the second one.

At Rnaad!

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